Networking opportunities

We aim for a highly dynamic event, with plenty of opportunities to network. To foster conversations, three main elements will be coordinated throughout the Summit.

First, a call for contributions was made. Selected ones have been instructed to be presented in a pitch-like format, where the contributor starts by sharing the problem/need and then presents the knowledge/solution. The goal is for these pitches to spark multi-actor dialogues during and after the Summit.

Second, contributions will be presented during breakout sessions, each one focusing on a specific issue/opportunity in carbon farming. These sessions will present the opportunity for close up conversations and the development of fruitful future collaborations. A detailed description of the breakout sessions can be found below.

Third, the Eventee app will act as a central networking platform all year round. Registrants are allowed to follow specific sessions and conversate with groups as well as individual users. Eventee registration is unfortunately closed due to overbooking. We plan to reopen it close to the date of the summit to allow online attendance.

These three main elements will be articulated during the summit, and mixed with on-site engagement sessions, posters, stands and social events.

Do not miss this opportunity!